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Leslie Willcott received a Master of Education in Counseling from the University of North Texas. During her graduate work, Leslie worked with adolescents and adults dealing with depression, anxiety, and other emotional and relational difficulties. Additionally, she has experience with clients rehabilitating following cerebrovascular accidents (stroke) and other trauma-related events.

Previously, Leslie graduated from Baylor University with a degree in Nursing. She has over 15 years experience related to caring for patients with varying degrees and diagnoses of cardiovascular disease. Inherent in the profession of nursing is a holistic approach to patient care, lending itself to interest in matters of the (other) heart.

Through her life experience and education, Lesile offers help via a counseling relationship in the following areas:

  • depression
  • addictions
  • anxiety
  • abuse
  • relational difficulties

Leslie believes counseling is a collaborative relationship between therapist and client. She believes that an earnest desire for seeking truth is key while delving into the painful reality that life often is, and that God reveals Himself in our relationship with one another.